Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Science are somehow good for human but on the other hand it is kind of bad. One famous story or technology about science that me a student can name is the human cloning. Personally I think that this is kind of bad for human, but still contains some benefits. Cloning maybe increase the time of living, like if your loving ones, mom or dad past away. Science may have the opportunity to bring them back by cloning, creating the same human being. However, what is the point of life then, we were born and then die after we have experienced the world. For me, I do want my family back and stay as long as possible, but this might cause human population to increase, and the world will be full of people that are suppose to die ten years ago. There is a balance for this world, science is benefits to human being at least it doesn't break the balance of human being on this earth. Science brought convince to our life, starting from the morning. Alarm clock, cell phone, and etc... These create a better life for us as a human being.
Science is not about helping people to have eternal life, it is the best thing for human to understand how wonderful it is to live on this earth for the lifetime.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gothic and Faustian Tale - Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge

There are some characteristics that you may find in Gothic, which are setting and atmosphere of suspense, supernatural, overwrought emotion, and over power male. For setting, there might be isolated house or castle, with the hunted feeling may creates a horror and scary feeling. Second, we show some cool wind or raining or some weird sound to make the audience nervous, to get the point of a Gothic. Third, the supernatural brings out the spiritual side of the story, with mention character that are not seen, it creates a feeling of what is going on and questioning, Fourth, sometimes the director makes the characters crazy and put pressure in the story. Last, because of the story background men usually take over the political ,social, and society. Even the lady needs to called males with their last name. The Faustian Tale is basically about when you are asking something or borrowing something from the devil or the dark side, you will have to pay it back more than what you had borrowed or expected.

Galactic Republic and Separatists were fighting over each other, which was called the clone war. General Grievous has captured Papaltine on his ship. Obi-wan and Anakin were trying to save their Chancellor Palpatine. Later, Count Dooku showed up and fought with Obi-wan and Anakin, throughtout the fight Obi-Wan pass out. This anger Anakin, so he sliced off Dooku's head and hands. More, Palpatine was then recognized by them as Dark Lord of the Sith. The changing point of the whole story is when Anakin want to save the life of his love-Padme. But he needed more power, with the white faith and force he has now, there wasn't enough force to save her. The only chance for him was to become the Dark Vader. 

In the movie, Star Wars, some characteristics of Gothic and Faustian Tale had appeared. Anakin was trying to save his love Padme from death and he wants her to be alive. So he thought that the power from the devil is more powerful than the power from the justice. He wants the power to save his love so he is trying to make himself more powerful. But he had lost his mind and the devil had took away his hands and feet so that he has to put on fake ones. He also got a mask and a helmet, so then he actually become the devil and he still couldn't save his love ones. He became the Dark Vader.

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Ode to Stinky Tofu

Walking down to Shi Lin night market...A
Chanel Number 5 come pass by me...B
The cold wind force me to put on my jacket...A
I smell the sweet strawberry pei which cross through my eye, I see...B

I follow the sense...C
Where is it? Where is that smell plunck my belly?...D
How much will it cost? 5 cense?...C
Oh, someone has it. Is it peanut butter with jelly?...D

Tracking the odour in the small lane...E
Eyes searching within food courts...F
Iron chain to my stomach, I chain...E
Ah, control my appetite, how am I so in short...F

Pa tsi, Pa tsi, I can hear the frying sound (Pa tsi is the frying sound in my own imaginary)...G
An old lady yell at me with her clear voice...H
"This is the best food, don't look around"...G
Smell it, this is the best choice...H

I grab one, taste one, I am joyful...I
looked at it, smelled it, my heart is delightful...I
why don't people know how yummy you are...J
Only I am smart enough to go this far...J

Monday, March 5, 2012

Yahoo society function (i.e. leadership, mating, war)? What is Swift trying to say about human nature?

In the society of the yahoos, it is cruel and selfish. To be able to pick a leader in the yahoos, the male will use their strength to beat all the other males up. The strongest will become the leader, there are nothing to deal with knowledge or any experience. Also the female will just stay around with the strongest male. The yahoo does not think what does the subject belongs to, they just still if they like it or want to have it. I felt like it is similar to human, we are all selfish. We fight to become the best, we take away stuff if we want it. The yahoos are no differences than human, actually they are the original type of human.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meditation 17 Worksheet!! Timmy & Jane

QL Ly5LIt58 Flattened

6 Words Story

I do shopping, but no saving
Born rich, live rich, die rich (my favorite)
Tall and skinny but still strong
Up and down, hot and cold
the biggest apple in women eyes (apple in my eye :P)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is Death?

Death is a kind of fear but I believe is also a beginning of a new life. I want to live as long as possible, but I believe that when it is time for me to go to another world to live, the death will take me to heaven. People believe that the death are always evil or something scary, but I think that God had made human to die when they reach a certain age. I think it is because God want us to go to heaven with him. Death is like a messenger, I believe he is the one that is sending us from a world to a different world.