Monday, August 29, 2011

About my personality

After having the personality test, my results was " ENFJ"
I searched from the internet that people that have the result ENFJ are usually: good communication skills, care for the others, good money skills and strong desire to win. I would like to share that what things I do to show these charactericstics. About good communication skills, I'm a really socialize person. Everytime I meet someone else I would like to be friends with them, and of course I will try to talk to them. I never get nervous when I try to talk in front of a stranger, maybe that is kind of having a good communication skills. I have friends that are really close to me, and I have them becasue I'm nice to them I think. I care about them and always trying to help them. I'm a kind of selfish person but in a good way actually, I know what am I doing with my money. I know exactly how much money I spent every end of the day. These charactericstics are actually really true, I will go back and do more tests and see if the answer is still the same.

1 comment:

  1. TOAST Score: 10/12.

    T: 2/3.
    O: 0/0.
    A: 3/3.
    S: 3/3.
    T: 2/3.