Monday, August 15, 2011


Kenning is basically a kind of words that was made of two different nouns. It helps the others to think more when they see the kenning is actually symbolize something that might has the meaning that is complicated. Kenning is just another way to describe a thing in two nouns then in a whole bunch of explanation.
a teacher: student killer
a bus driver: citizens slave
a computer: life needs
love: truth heart
bombs: China weapons


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  2. TOAST score (see Mr. Webb's blog): 9/12

    T: 2/3. Make sure you check over, maybe read it out loud before you press publish.
    O: 2/3. I like your kennings because I feel like they tell me how you feel about teachers (student killers?!) and bus drivers (slaves!?).
    A: 3/3.
    S: 0/0. (None required for this assignment.)
    T: 2/3. Put some extra time/effort into it, too.