Monday, September 19, 2011

Who? The author
What? A story about one day in the author's life
Where? His house
When? In the morning
In the morning he was dreaming that he is reading the news. Afterwards, he dreamed that he saw a film.
Climax: He fell off from the bed.
Then he went back to dreamed about he read the news.
It is about a man that was dreaming about he is reading the interesting news. And the news was about a lucky man and events that happened to him. Afterwards he dreamed about a film and it was about an english army to won a war. Then he woked up because he fell off from the bed. Then he went back to his dream that he continues to read the news.

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  1. Make sure this post has a title next time.

    TOAST Score: 40/40

    T: 0/0.
    O: 10/10. Good choice.
    A: 10/10. Song is a story.
    S: 10/10. Based on me being able to HEAR it.
    T: 10/10. Making the video.