Monday, September 5, 2011

Worst job ever!!!

The worst job I have ever seen in my life will probably be a job call the fuller. It is basically a job that makes wool to become clothes for the ancient British nights. Since there wasn't any technology or machines for people to make wool tighter, they use a special liquid. The liquid is the human's pee. First they have to put the wool into a bucket and pour the pee in. Then they have to stand in the bucket with bare feet which is really disgusting. And last they have to take it out again and clean it. Seriously I feel sorry for them and I will never step on someone's pee without wearing anything on it.

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  1. TOAST Score: 7/9.

    T: 2/2.
    O: 0/0.
    A: 3/3.
    S: 0/2. Good picture of that handsome guy on the right, but what's the point?
    T: 2/2.