Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who Is The Man?

Fortinbra had led a huge army to attack a small part of Poland. When Hamlet thought of this he was really shocked and confuse. He had made a speech called Who Is The Man. He has a great thought and a really bloody mind about how he is going to kill his uncle, but he has no action. It is kind of like a man just saying but not doing anything. He was ashamed that he didn't do anything what he said. I was really impress when I listen to his speech, but I was wondering, did he do any of what he said? I was confuse, too. And this actually gave me a lesson, when you say it, you do it. Don't just sit there and use your mouth to say how many things or thoughts that you want to do. Action is the most obvious thing that can prove you are the MAN!

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