Monday, March 12, 2012

An Ode to Stinky Tofu

Walking down to Shi Lin night market...A
Chanel Number 5 come pass by me...B
The cold wind force me to put on my jacket...A
I smell the sweet strawberry pei which cross through my eye, I see...B

I follow the sense...C
Where is it? Where is that smell plunck my belly?...D
How much will it cost? 5 cense?...C
Oh, someone has it. Is it peanut butter with jelly?...D

Tracking the odour in the small lane...E
Eyes searching within food courts...F
Iron chain to my stomach, I chain...E
Ah, control my appetite, how am I so in short...F

Pa tsi, Pa tsi, I can hear the frying sound (Pa tsi is the frying sound in my own imaginary)...G
An old lady yell at me with her clear voice...H
"This is the best food, don't look around"...G
Smell it, this is the best choice...H

I grab one, taste one, I am joyful...I
looked at it, smelled it, my heart is delightful...I
why don't people know how yummy you are...J
Only I am smart enough to go this far...J

1 comment:

  1. Good job, but go and make sure you label your lines. When you do, I'll give you 20/20.