Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Science are somehow good for human but on the other hand it is kind of bad. One famous story or technology about science that me a student can name is the human cloning. Personally I think that this is kind of bad for human, but still contains some benefits. Cloning maybe increase the time of living, like if your loving ones, mom or dad past away. Science may have the opportunity to bring them back by cloning, creating the same human being. However, what is the point of life then, we were born and then die after we have experienced the world. For me, I do want my family back and stay as long as possible, but this might cause human population to increase, and the world will be full of people that are suppose to die ten years ago. There is a balance for this world, science is benefits to human being at least it doesn't break the balance of human being on this earth. Science brought convince to our life, starting from the morning. Alarm clock, cell phone, and etc... These create a better life for us as a human being.
Science is not about helping people to have eternal life, it is the best thing for human to understand how wonderful it is to live on this earth for the lifetime.

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  1. So you wouldn't take eternal life if science could give it to you? 10/10